Benefits of Centrifugal Filtration


Hard working engines needs hard working Filtration systems.
SpinnerII centrifuges are the hardest working filtration system on the planet, achieving over 6000RPM and 2000G on contaminents to remove the fine abrasives that are constantly wearing down your engine components. Clean oil lasts longer. Check out the Major Benefits below.

Model 200HD on Cat C27 (3)

Reduces Costs

■Extends oil life
■Lengthens service intervals
■Preserves additive potency
■Prolongs full-flow filter life
■Reduces maintenance costs
■Cuts waste disposal costs
■Maximizes in-service time for trucks
■Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency
■Enhances long-term preventive maintenance


Protects Your Engines

■Maintains cleaner oil

■Reduces engine wear up to 50%

■Increases engine life

■Increases oil life

Simplifies Maintenance

■Simple, convenient installation
■Fast and easy to service
■No replacement elements
■Contaminant access for engine troubleshooting

Protects the Environment

■Reduces oil and filter waste
■Promotes clean combustion and lower emissions

Westate Diesel Systems is working with many companies Australia wide to extend the longevity of Engines and Machinery. Contact us now to talk to a friendly consultant on 08 9572 2939


Latest news

NEW PRODUCT - Introducing the Turbo II Precleaner

Westate Diesel Systems are your centrifugal specialists. With 23 years of centrifugal experience with the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge and now the Turbo II Precleaner using centrifugal technology your engine has never run cleaner. Removing dust ingested into your air cleaner will not only help extend engine life and reduce wear, it will also extend air filter life, reduce maintenance downtime, improve fuel economy and increase equipment uptime. With your engines using the Turbo II Precleaner and the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge your engines are in safe hands. For 40 years both Turbo II Precleaners and Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuges have set the bench mark in engine and equipment cleanliness. It makes sense: Turbo II Precleaner allowing only clean air into your engine and the Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge cleaning the lubricating oil so only clean oil circulates in your engine = LONGER ENGINE LIFE + LESS DOWNTIME = MORE UPTIME. Click on the title link above for more information.

Spinner II Centrifuge Saves the World!

Mmm............Perhaps not but with all the publicity of Carbon Tax, Climate Change, Carbon Footprint and Finite Fossil Fuels it's clear that something needs to be done with our existing oil consumption as current engine and hydraulic oil systems are going to be with us for quite some time. A centrifuge is suitable for oils, fuels and solvents such as kerosene, even engine or machining coolants; and has huge cost saving benefits, is inexpensive and has no ongoing running or servicing costs and can certainly reduce your oil and filter usage and disposal costs; reduce scheduled maintenance, plus increase the life of your equipment; and finally, help reduce the logistics in the transportation of new and used oil and filters to and from site. Click on the title link above for more information.

Swick Mining Services Extends Service Intervals by 3 Times

Swick Mining Services, one of Australia’s largest mineral drilling contractors based in Western Australia were monitoring their ever increasing costs of servicing their remotely operated drilling fleet. With so many drill rigs operating over thousands of kilometres and running 24/7 that the service crew would return to base only to resupply and head back out again. Swick Mining Services wanted it simple and safe with standardisation throughout their fleet of Schramm drill rigs, Hurricane air boosters, Caterpillar, Cummins, John Deere and MTU diesel engines. RESULT Swick Mining Services advised us that they went from 400 hour service intervals to 1200 hour service intervals bring it back to 1000 hours as a safety margin. Click on the title link above for more information.

Airdrill Now Offering Spinner II Centrifuge on New and Refurbished Equipment

Airdrill now specify the Spinner II® centrifuge on all their drill rigs and boosters. When ordering your new or refurbished drill rig or Hurricane Booster you have the option to fit a centrifuge to your engines oil lubrication system, your hydraulic oil system or your compressor oil, even your fuel tank can be cleaned to remove submicron particles that cause premature injector failure. Click on the title link above for more information.

Disposable Rotor Centrifuge - New to Australia.

The new 596HE centrifuge with a disposable rotor is now available after being available overseas for more than a decade it's finally arrived and is ready for immediate delivery. Suitable for most engines up to 20 litre cubic capacity this unit would be idea for those who want to quickly change the old used rotor without the mess. Click on the title link above for more information.