WDS Grid Switch™ Wear Detector
Official Spinner II® Centrifuge Distributor for Western Australia - Westate Diesel Systems

Safe Wear Detection

The Spinner II® Grid Switch™ Wear Detector provides early warning of excessive wear in lubricated machinery. It is effective with most lubricated machinery, including engines, transmissions, gearboxes, turbines, compressors and pumps. An intrinsically safe monitor and metal particle detector are available for hazardous environments.

Always on Guard

A Grid Switch™ Wear Detector continuously monitors lubricating fluids for metal debris – the first sign of trouble when bearings, connecting rods and other metal parts begin to experience accelerated wear. When sufficient wear debris is present, the Grid Switch™ Wear Detector triggers a user-specified response, such as a warning lamp, audible alarm, or automated shutdown system.

Benefits of Early Wear Detection

Early detection allows operators to perform proactive maintenance and avoid costly overhauls and downtime. Other benefits include:

  • Takes the guesswork out of wear detection
  • Improves process reliability
  • May prolong equipment life
  • Helps avoid catastrophic failures, unnecessary overhauls and equipment downtime
  • Assists in identifying sources of wear For more details, see the sales sheet below or contact your Spinner II® Products representative.

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