Centrifugal Filtration for Industrial Lubricants and Fluids

At Westate Diesel Systems, we pride ourselves on supplying products of the highest quality for maximum uptime and longevity to exceed today’s standards in Transport, Mining, Marine, Industrial, Power Generation and Agricultural Industries, anywhere there are large diesel engines or volumes of oil, diesel and Biodiesel, used or stored.

Westate Diesel Systems supplies and supports crucial preventive maintenance tools needed for today’s heavy duty applications. With over 27 years of selling and installing Spinner II® centrifuges, there is no other company you can trust when it comes to centrifugal know-how.

Advantages of Centrifugal Oil Cleaning

Oil is the lifeblood of mechanical processes. Maintain clean oil and your machines run longer, last longer and cost less to operate. That's what Spinner II® centrifuges do better than any full-flow or bypass oil filter.

Using the power of centrifugal force, they remove both large contaminants and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron. In a broad range of applications, Spinner II® centrifuges are proven to reduce critical component wear up to 50%.

They also meet the challenge of new, low-emissions engines by providing the efficiency to control increased soot loads.Spinner II centrifuges remove the most damaging by-products of the combustion process - the soot and fine contaminants that full-flow filters and other types of bypass filtration simply cannot stop.

Spinner II® Oil-cleaning Centrifuges for Heavy Industry

Our oil-cleaning centrifuges protect heavy-duty diesel engines, saving operators time and money. Spinner II® centrifuges are highly efficient, self-contained, oil-cleaning units for bypass and off-line filtration of engine lubricants, transmission oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil. They are used on all kinds of mining and offroad machinery, including mobile equipment, mills, cone crushers, shovels, pumps, compressors and more.

Durable & Low-maintenance

A Spinner II® centrifuge is simple to service and ruggedly constructed to provide dependable, trouble-free performance. Models are available with cleanable, re-usable rotors, as well as with replaceable rotors (including Models 200, 936, 996, 3400 and 3600).

OEM First-Fit for 50+ Engine Manufacturers

Spinner II centrifuges have provided exceptional fluid-cleaning performance for over 30 years, with over a million units in operation worldwide. They have been installed as OEM first-fit for more than 50 engine manufacturers - including Caterpillar, Waukesha, White Superior, EMD, Alco, General Electric, Detroit Diesel, Clark Bros., Ingersoll-Rand, Cooper-Bessemer, Cummins, MTU and many others.

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