Spinner II® Model 6600HS
Official Spinner II® Centrifuge Distributor for Western Australia - Westate Diesel Systems

The new Spinner II 6600HS centrifuge is a highly efficient, self-contained unit for bypass and off-line cleaning of industrial fluids, including hydraulic oil, waste oil, quench oil and press oil.

Model 6600HS for Industrial Equipment

Designed with sealed, high-speed bearings, the centrifuge is able to process non-lubricating fluids, such as glycols, amines and biodiesel. The Spinner II® Model 6600HS centrifuge cleans fluids better – and keeps fluids clean longer – than any other filtration method. This provides big savings through lower maintenance costs, improved wear protection and increased machinery productivity.

For Any Industrial Application

The Spinner II® Model 3600 centrifuge is used to clean fluids on a
wide range of machinery. It is applied to stationary equipment like cone crushers, drill rigs, coal pulverizers and ball mills, as well manufacturing processes such as quenching, grinding, honing, stamping, wire drawing, heat treating, gun drilling, cutting, CNC machining and boring.

High-Speed Oil Cleaning for Metalworking

The 6600HS centrifuge is designed for tough oil cleaning applications with high volumes of abrasive contaminants. Its unique sealed-bearing design allows the unit to purify oil while protecting critical surfaces in the high-speed centrifuge rotor from interference and wear.

Power to Deep-Clean

A Spinner II centrifuge generates up to 2,000 G of centrifugal force to remove both large debris and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron. Unlike barrier media filters, the centrifuge extracts contaminants from the oil stream and deposits them as a dense, solid cake in a high-capacity rotor. So cleaning efficiency remains constant
and fluid service life can be safely extended much longer than standard drain intervals.

Extends Fluid Life

  • Reduces costs of oil, media filters and labour.
  • Extends tool life.
  • Improves component quality.
  • Increases machinery productivity.
  • Decreases operating costs.
  • Increases overall service life of machinery.

Key Capabilities

Protects Machinery:

  • Reduces wear up to 50%
  • Increases engine / component life
  • Helps reduce frequency of maintenance and repair

Extends Operating Intervals:

  • Keeps fluids and additives effective longer
  • Prolongs full flow filter life
  • Centrifuge requires minimal service

Eliminates Waste:

  • Permanent, cleanable and reusable
  • No media or filter element to replace
  • Protects the environment by reducing disposable waste

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